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Promote GarageTouch.

Earn recurring income, bonuses, and perks promoting GarageTouch. Endless Opportunities. Maximum Income.

More ways to earn.

We offer our Affiliate Partners the flexibility and opportunities to earn maximum income promoting GarageTouch.

Refer Customers

Simply share your Referral Code to track your signups and earn commissions, bonuses, and rewards when they become paying customers.

Car Owners in the United States.

Rideshare Drivers (Uber/Lyft), Food Delivery Drivers, and Car Rental companies.

What do they all have in common?

Cars are their biggest assets. Without it, they can’t make money. Unfortunately, a big chunk of their earnings is consumed by repairs and maintenance.

And that’s where GarageTouch comes in to save them up to 80% on vehicle repair and maintenance costs.

As a GarageTouch Affiliate, you’ll find and convert Uber/Lyft drivers, food delivery drivers, and car rental owners into customers. Simply give them your Referral Code they can use when signing up and you’ll earn recurring monthly commissions for each vehicle they subscribe.

GarageTouch uses a Two-Tier referral system to reward its affiliates. This means when you refer a customer (Direct Referral) and they refer another customer (Shared Referral) you get credited for both.

Example: You refer 1 customer and he/she refers 3 customers, you’ll get 4 Referrals (1 Direct Referral + 3 Shared Referrals).

Direct Referrals
Shared Referrals
The diagram above shows 6 Referrals because each Direct Referral (x2) referred 2 Customers.

An Enrollment is an active vehicle subscription of your Direct Referral. You’ll earn a commission each month the subscription is active.

No Limit. There’s no limit on how many vehicles your Direct Referral can subscribe.

Flexible. They can add or cancel any time, and you’ll get paid for each active subscription.

Room to Grow. You can earn a lot more from customers with multiple cars. Think car rentals or small businesses with a fleet of vehicles required to operate their business. You’ll get paid every month for each vehicle they subscribe.

Earn Commissions

Earn monthly recurring commissions per subscribed vehicle of your Direct Referrals—based on your GarageTouch Affiliate Tier:


Commission: $5/vehicle/month

Requires: 0-499 Referrals/month


Commission: $25/vehicle/month

Requires: 500+ Referrals/month


Commission: $50/vehicle/month

Requires: 1,000+ Referrals/month

Earn Bonuses

Earn daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses when you participate in Challenges and Seasonal Promotions or achieve milestones.


Earn a $1,000 bonus each day you get more than 100 Referrals.

First Month $10K

Get 1,000 Referrals within your first 30 days and earn $10,000 bonus.

$5,000/Recruited Affiliate

Get $5,000 for recruiting a new Affiliate once they get 1,000 Referrals in 30 days.

Recruit a new Affiliate Partner to join GarageTouch and you'll get a $5,000 bonus once they get 1,000 Referrals within 30 days of them joining. They'll earn up to $10,000 bonus, too.

Are you a good fit?

GarageTouch’s Affiliate Program is for marketers who want to monetize their network and help car owners save time and money. We’d love to partner with you if you’re a:

Marketing Expert

You educate consumers through online courses and other informative materials.

Content Creator

You share your automotive passion through blogs, videos, podcasts, or on social media.


You provide automotive products or services through in person interactions.

Have Questions?

New partnerships mean new questions. Here are some FAQs that commonly pop up before joining the GarageTouch Affiliate Program.

How do I get paid?

To withdraw your earnings, you’ll need to set up your Stripe Connect account through your GarageTouch dashboard. Once that’s complete, you’ll be paid immediately once your earnings are posted.

How will my referrals be tracked?

Your referrals are tracked through your unique Referral Code found in your GarageTouch dashboard. You’ll be able to see signups and follow your referrals’ journey through the GarageTouch sales cycle until they become a customer or cancel.

Can I just recruit Affiliates for GarageTouch?

Yes, you can! If you’re not yourself a marketing expert but you built or have access to a network of marketers, you can still join as GarageTouch Affiliate and focus on promoting GarageTouch by recruiting other affiliates.

However, you might not earn commissions unless you refer customers yourself, but you can still earn bonuses and Shared Referrals from your required affiliates.

Brand Ambassador

Promote GarageTouch.

Earn recurring income, perks, and rewards promoting GarageTouch. Guaranteed $6,000 per month.

Are you a good fit?

We’re looking for enthusiastic, charismatic, outgoing hard workers with a flexible schedule to join our growing team of Brand Ambassadors.


  • Representing GarageTouch positively in a multitude of settings.
  • Participating in event marketing.
  • Generating brand awareness through word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Being an opinion leader in your community.
  • Providing feedback and insight on new products/services.
  • Promoting GarageTouch via your personal social media accounts.


  • You must have some experience as a brand ambassador.
  • You must be able to have face-to-face interactions and be comfortable on camera.
  • You must have a reliable form of transportation and be able to lift up to 50 pounds to transport materials to and from events.
  • You must be curious and interested in learning about cars.

Partner with GarageTouch.

Service more customers, with ease. We handle marketing and logistics while you do more of what you do best.
No commitments or long-term contracts.

100,000+ Vehicles Under Management

GarageTouch is an automotive platform that saves car owners time and money on vehicle repairs and maintenance.

No commitments or long-term contracts.

Have Questions?

Talk to a GarageTouch expert to find the best solution for your business.

Auto Repair Financing

Are your customers struggling to pay?

Send them our way!

We offer car owners up to $25,000 to repair and maintain their vehicles. No cost to you.

100,000+ Vehicles Under Management

GarageTouch is an automotive platform that saves car owners time and money on vehicle repairs and maintenance.

Refer Customers

We can offer your customers $1,000–$25,000 line of credit to repair and maintain their vehicle with flexible payments.

  • No Credit Required. Credit approval is based on the customer's vehicle usage, condition, year, make, and model.
  • Faster Approval. Funds are available as soon as the customer completes the vehicle inspection, provides documentation, and signs the loan agreement — all within a few days.
  • No Interests. It works like a credit card, but without the interests or hidden fees.

Simply share this link with your customers so they can apply today:

Join GarageTouch

Join our growing network of the best automotive service providers to serve more customers and enjoy all the benefits GarageTouch can offer your business: 

  • Room for Growth. We handle marketing and logistics, you do what you do best.
  • Your Price. Your Way. Set your price and only take jobs you want. No haggling.
  • Convenience. Keep up with all your work orders on the go in the GarageTouch app.
  • Better, Faster Pay. No more wasting time with unqualified customers or chasing payments from insurance companies.
  • Guaranteed Jobs. Get at least 1,000 jobs within your first year of joining GarageTouch or we pay you $25,000.
No commitments or long-term contracts.

Have Questions?

Talk to a GarageTouch expert to find the best solution for your business.

GarageTouch for Business

Enhance your Perks & Rewards.

Offer up to $500 OFF Auto Repairs to your staff and customers who join GarageTouch. No cost to you.

Have Questions?

Talk to a GarageTouch expert to find the best solution for your business.